Fitness Tips

So anyone that knows me relatively well can note that I’m a bit of a health freak. To an extent.  I love food, so I work my way around that fact while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  As summer is upcoming and i’m assuming everyone wants that beach bod, I thought I’d provide some tips.  As I’ve had beach bod since december and have been only improving and maintaining since then.  I think I know what I’m talking about

So first things first.  The basics to having a great body and healthy lifestyle lies in the two most obvious things.  Diet and exercise.  Lets start with diet first.

This is crucial.  No one says you can’t eat your favorite food anymore.  But maybe put the nutella down for a second and try something else.  Diet can be incredibly hard to maintain due to cravings. For that reason, I provide this link to a table of what you can substitute things with in order to stay on track!  Furthermore. Try not to eat 2 hours before sleeping. This will reduce the weight that is gained purely from eating and has no time to get metabolized.  Moderation is key.  Dont eat like its your last meal everytime. That’ll leave you bloated and disapointed. Always have a day off.  These give you something to look foward to. Mine were awesome cause i’d indulge in Chick fila while still looking great! Finally, the most crucial of keys, is to not starve yourself. Hunger is the bodies way of speaking to you.  Never ignore it.  Starving yourself is essentially the worst thing you can do in a diet. Causes lack of focus, gaining weight, and unsightly skin.

The second thing important is exercise.  I have a really fast metabolism.  For me to gain weight I’d have to literally watch tv all day and night and eat like a walrus for about 3 months.  Yet, I exercise.  Why?  Just because you look skinny doesn’t mean you’re healthy (little known fact). Also, no one wants to be scrawny.  however, for the sake of being healthy I’m going to speak in terms of just being toned.  When lifting weights, always remember that pain is not good.  Resistance and pushing hard is good.  But if you feel sharp pain, stop immediately.  No one needs an injury.  Remember.  Technique over weight. always. The most crucial part of a workout is defininately cardio. No matter what this is (running, swimming, biking, speed walking, or fucking) is great for the body.  In order to lose weight I’d say 20 minutes cardio a day is a necessity. if not a day, try 4-5 times a week.  It’ll feel good when you notice a difference believe me.  If you can’t do 20, do 10 a day. work your way up.  Lose that weight, gain that physique, fuck bitches, and get money.

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